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Topic for blogging; How to find best niche for blog?

Picking up a profitable niche for your blog is the most important task to complete when you are starting out and will determine your success.

Here is what makes a good niche – a topic for blogging;

Passionate audience

A good niche has to have a high search volume, people who are interested in the topic. It can be any hobby such as hiking, sewing, crafts, gardening, traveling, or interest in science, animals, or technology for which topics you should have as higher expertise and skills as possible.

Go to Google Trends and type your niche keyword. This step is important as this graph shows you whether interest in your topic is stable, increasing, or decreasing over time. Avoid topics that are showing a decline in interest in order to build a blog that will last.


When it comes to finding a good niche, competition should be there. It is a sign that is profitable. However, lots of competition is not a good thing as it will be more difficult if not impossible for you to stand out. Choose a broad niche and narrow it down. Just make sure to not go for a too-small niche. Let’s say you like fitness, it is a very broad niche, therefore a better option will be to choose Yoga for Seniors. You get the point.

Social Media Presence

If you see a high number of people that are engaged to niche-related posts, it is exactly what you need. One more sign of a passionate audience for your chosen topic for blogging. Buzzsumo can be a very helpful tool for that.

Make Sure It Is Profitable

If you want to earn money on your blog, you should make sure your niche is profitable enough to monetize your blog and help you to get a good income out of it.

An easy way to test this is to see if a brand or company is promoting your keywords. If people are spending money on AdWords to promote products that target specific keywords related to your niche, then you’ve picked the right topic.

Go to Google Keyword Planner in Ad words and choose the niche keyword that has medium competition. You can also use other keyword research tools.

Make sure you also check product demand for your niche. You can do that by going to Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress and checking what sells well.

You Have To Love It

Creating a blog is a really fun process. Buying domains, setting up your website, customizing the layout, and writing your first article is certainly an exciting experience, but most people stop blogging after a few months because they often lose interest in it. Therefore, it is important that you choose a topic for your blog that you enjoy learning and talking about as well.

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