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Blogging with Google; Keyword Research In Google

The biggest mistake most beginner entrepreneurs do is they give up too quickly. After six months of seeing low traffic, they get disappointed and lose motivation or move to a different business model. Don’t be one of those people! 

It is so important to know that it takes 8-12 months to get rankings on google after you publish posts. As a professional blogger with a mind to make your business a source of a passive income one day, you should concentrate the most on organic google traffic, which means writing the posts you can rank on. So it will take some time to see the results.

Seeing months and months of low traffic can make you want to give up, but if you persist and continue to work on your blog in a smart way, you can succeed and I assure you will.

To get organic traffic for website you have to comply with Google ranking factors, such as mobile responsive website, speed, valuable content that answers the user’s search intent, and many more.

In order to get organic traffic for website you have to target low volume keywords that have low competition or high volume keywords with low competition.

1. Target Low Volume Keywords

As a new website search for low-volume keywords that have less than 200 searches per month, even 50 or 10 can be worth targeting. Why you should go for low-volume keywords? Simply because as a new website you have to build authority on Googe and start ranking.

Start with Google Autosuggest, type in Google the word you want, and see what else Google suggests. Go for a long-tail keyword as the competition is lower. Make sure to use incognito mode while doing it and set up your location where your target audience is to get reliable search results.

The second step is to analyze whenever you can rank for your chosen keyword. The best way to do this is to use a keyword research tool.

I am using Ubbersuggest, it is a paid tool but worth the price, they are offering a free 7-day trial so definitely try it out. This tool is majestic in so many ways. It is developed by a famous marketer Neil Patel.

Besides volume you can see the number of competition in organic results, the keyword and content ideas, CPC and more, that is when it comes to keywords, but you can do way much more, things such as website analysis, backlinks, etc. Everything is there so you don’t have to pay for Semrush or Ahrefs. Such a powerful and helpful SEO tool.

2. Write 1500 – 2500 Words Long Content

This is the blog post length that is proven by many case studies that gets the most Google traffic.

3. Make Sure You Had Written At Least 30 Blog Post To Publish

It takes time to start building authority, no search engine will take you seriously if you have only a few posts written. If you want start ranking faster then this is the number I would always suggest you to start with. Strive to have at least 120 blog posts at the end of the first year. This is an important ad that will set you for success.

Social media will help you build your brand, but organic search will help you target determined consumers. Organic search not only drives qualified traffic and conversions, it also improves brand awareness. That is why it is 5x more valuable according to Google.

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