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Marketing product

Marketing product

INTRODUCTION TO THE PRODUCT The product is the starting point of all marketing activities. Form.“A product is any object that has an identifiable physical existence. For example: books, shoes, furniture, fruit, etc. represent products DEFINITION OF PRODUCT According to W.Anderson, “A product is a set of utilities consisting of various product features and accompanying services. …

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What is a brand?

What is a brand?

What is a brand? Brand = Personality A brand is defined as a business or a marketing concept that helps people to identify a company, product, or a person. Let’s take a look. Properly managed, the brand does eight things: The brand represents the organization (has a purpose) The brand embodies ethics, attitudes, and affiliations …

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Definitions of promotion

DEFINITIONS OF PROMOTION Promotion or advertising is the marketing communication process that involves information, persuasion and influence. In other words, advertising is a way of “counting” and “selling”. It is a way of creating or influencing the impression that a product exists through various means such as advertising, sales promotions, and personal selling. According to …

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Business to business marketer

Business to business marketer

The market for goods and services bought and sold between companies is huge. The business market is much larger than the consumer market, encompassing many types and sizes of organizations that selectively interact and form relationships of varying importance and duration with one another. Although these organizations are often structurally and legally independent entities, a …

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