how to make money as a blogger

How to make money as a blogger?

You can make money as a blogger through ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorships or by selling your own digital products.

Ads –  By using premium ad networks. Why premium you may ask? Well because using Premium Ad Networks such as Ezoic, Ad Thrive, or Mediavine you can earn triple or more than using AdSense. To apply for Ad Thrive and Mediavine networks you need a certain amount of traffic, while Ezoic opened their Access Now program and you can apply right when you start, the only requirement is that your website complies with Google policy.

Affiliate Marketing– means you get a commission if someone buys a product that you recommended in your posts. Let’s say you bought something from Target that you really love and you want to share that item with your readers, if you put an affiliate link of that product and your reader purchase, you get a small commission, with no additional charge to customers.

It is always great if you can contact the company and become their affiliate, without any middleman in between. However there are many affiliate networks that you can join, that are taking a small commission, but they offer access to numerous brands and companies. I suggest you check ShareASale, AWIN, Impact, and Skimlinks.

First I would not miss to join the Skimlinks. By working with 50 networks including CJ, Awin and Rakuten Advertising, Skimlinks gives you access to 48,500 affiliate programs, all in one place. On top of that, Skimlinks negotiates exclusive rates with merchants, which often are 2x the usual rates. 

After installing a piece of code on your website and AMP pages, Skimlinks will automatically turn all your commerce links into affiliate links so you can start earning commissions from over 48,500 merchants. * NOTE YOU DON’T HAVE TO APPLY SEPARATELY TO MERCHANTS LIKE ALIEXPRESS, TARGET,  WALMART, MACY’S AND SO ON…With Skimlinks you are immediately connected. Wonderful, isn’t it?

You can also check Amazon or Alliexpress programs, but don’t expect high commissions there.

Sponsorships and Guest posts – You collaborate with brands and write a post, such as your review of their product, etc. Or someone can pay you to publish a post with a link back to their site, this post can be written by them or you.

Selling your own digital products – The best decision for your business is to create your own products that will produce value for the reader and will help you build your brand. You can create an eBook, course, tutorial, guides, etc.

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