Best foods for beautiful skin and hair


Organic beauty isn’t just about applying herbal products to your skin. It has a lot with you diet as well.

If you would love to have a healthy lifestyle, here is a food you can incorporate in your diet and beauty routine in order to be healthier and look better.  So…

What to eat for beautiful skin and hair? Great For Vegans as well

1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are rich in. Vitamin D which has the impact of lengthening what  are recognized as \’telomeres\’ found on the ends of your cells. By  sing Vitamin D rich diet we might be able to buy ourselves a little extra youth time!

Vitamin D is also very crucial for regulating hormones and can help to make sure that you have the proper stability of Anabolic hormones to help rebuild and restore the tissues in your body. And we all know the impact that a hormone imbalance can have on pores and skin as well mood, a proven effect on reducing depression… remember being a teenager? For all vegans out there, check out vitamin D for vegans from iHERBS.

2. Valerian Root – Good Sleep and Stress Management

Valerian root is a herbal relaxant which is famous as a sleeping aid. What does this have do with your skin? A lot! You see, when you sleep is your body rejuvenates as well your skin, repairing all the damage caused during the day.

We are aware that we get bags underneath our eyes if we do not get sufficient sleep and within the long term this can be even more devastating. It reduces stress and helps with anxiety. We know that stress is number one health and beauty killer.

3. Fish – Omega 3 fatty acids

Want to improve your health in a myriad of ways? Then you need to eat more fish. Fish is not only a notable supply of lean protein, but it is also the exceptional source of omega three fatty acids (oily fish in particular).

Whether you cross for krill, salmon or tuna would not matter – either way you may get omega three which is highly beneficial for heart, against sun damage, reduces acne, helps dry and itchy skin, helps hair growth, as well anti aging. You are vegan, don\’t worry? This supplement product from iHERBs is vegan friendly.

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